The Objective

• Education: We believe our society can be healed from the rampaging social ills, juvenile delinquency, secret emotional pains/ disturbances, and other influences that distort behavioral / thinking patterns. Knowing fully well that teaching not only changes the mind, it instills value. Therefore, we will educate the audience about the causes of mental illness and the available solutions. • Providing a measurable increase in reading speed, comprehension and reading attention span. The objective is that the students will double their reading speed and increase their reading skills by one to two grade levels by the end of the school year. • Enabling poor readers to access the general curriculum through the use of assistive reading technology to scan and read their textbooks and other classroom materials. • Providing learning disabled students with a multi-sensory reading alternative that will help them increase their reading speed to the point they can read on their own. • Helping learning and reading disabled students stay in their regular classrooms with their peers so they can continue learning in a least restrictive environment. During the course of this project refreshments will be provided with the cost borne by us and we also intend to show video coverage of the negligent state of mentally challenged people in Nigeria. It is our ardent wish that this great institution will be part of this great movement and involved in positive history We would like to state once again that, this is a collective effort to engage the world on the appalling state of mentally challenged in Nigeria and the need for better mental health services. This is not a protest but a conscience-concern-campaign to bring to the world the appalling state of mentally challenged people in Nigeria, the need for a better Mental Health Services in Nigeria and the organized solution to address it. The corporate institution has an important role to play in this historic process. Please feel free to contact us at any point with questions, feedbacks or suggestions. If you require more information, you can also visit our website. This social investment in mental health education will have a positive effect on improving the welfare of the mentally challenged, their families, their communities, and our country. No company, country or region can fully participate in the global economy without an educated workforce. The ability to prepare students to thrive in a connected global economy and assume leadership for the economic and societal challenges we face is essential for both developed and emerging markets. Beyond academic success, learners will need to collaborate, to solve problems and to be information-literate like never before. Partnering with education stakeholders, we are actively engaged in helping transform systems to meet the needs of 21st century learners, educators, and organizations

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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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