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Conscience-Concern-Campaign for better mental Health Service in Nigeria

Friends, this is a great opportunity to join our campaign force : Conscience-Concern Campaign (C.C.C) our plan is to gather like minds to campaign for Mental Health Law & Policy In Nigeria, a better mental Health Service in Nigeria and a good... deal for people with mental health problems.

Become a Conscience-Concern- Campaigner today by Share your story or sign our petition on our campaign website about the appalling state of Mental Health Services in Nigeria.

We all need support sometimes. It is undeniable fact that, the mentally challenged in Nigeria are ignored, misrepresented or at worst blamed for their situation

The questions that may come into mind are: why me, What’s do I got to do with mental health I am ordinary Nigeria and my voice will not count, or I am not Nigerian and what do I need to benefit from the Poor Mental Health Services in Nigeria ? Lack of Mental Health Law &policy in Nigeria- those are Nigeria issue and ought to be discussed in Nigeria and by Nigerian.

Thus, to subscribe to this narrow view is to undermine the global village world reality. In this century whereby the world has turned to a global village, to say that what affects one country is not a matter of concern to others is an open invitation to protectionism, which is a blunder that must not be tolerated.

After the success of our campaign, we will Contact our representative and senator, then they will take us serious, after they must have seen the level of our achievement and Your senators represents you in the House, National Assembly, Abuja, So it’s your right to tell them what matters to you and ask them to speak up on your behalf when laws and policy are being decided.

You can help support any of our campaigns , which is the vessel to use to reach them and telling them why they can’t ignore mental health issues By our campaign,

We are intent to contribute to the mental Health Law & Policy bill in Nigeria by sending our proposal to our representative and make our position crystal clear- we want the mentally challenged, their family and their advocator to be inclusive in the creation of the mental Health Law & Policy bill in Nigeria and also we want the local council to also be responsible to help us by formulating a policy that will look after our mentally challenged with the aim of taken them out of street Just like they help us to collect Shop & House taxes

It's time to talk, it's Time to Change

It is instructive to note that unity and common purpose is the key. By uniting our numbers, strengths, resources, and voices into a single coherent message for this cause, we will be able to positively transform the mentally challenged world and address the humanitarian challenges these great people are facing either in Nigeria.

In the light of the success of the e- conference, we will be inviting psychiatrists, Doctors, Lawyers, student unions, Nigerian ambassador, Mental Health Advocates, Clergy men and the general public for the physical conference

What are we intended to achieve in this e- conference?

(a) Education: We believe our society can be healed from the rampaging social ills, juvenile delinquency, secret emotional pains/ disturbances, and other influences that distort behavioural / thinking patterns. Knowing full well that teaching not only changes the mind, it instils value, and therefore, we will educate the audience about the causes of mental illness and the available solutions.

(b) We shall talk about lack of mental Health Law &Policy in Nigeria.

(c) We shall talk about the UK Mental Health Services in comparison with what is obtainable in Nigeria.

(d) We shall talk about the proposition of No Health without a Mental Health which has been endorsed by WHO, PAN AMERICA HEALTH AND THE UK ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRIST and the need for that to be endorsed by Nigerian Health Authority.

Moreover, in the conference, our organisation will provide refreshments and sell products to raise fund for the mentally challenged in UK and Nigeria.

This is a new generational humanitarian collaboration for the betterment of the mentally challenged people in UK, Canada & Nigeria. This is a paradigm shift from orthodox humanitarian approach, because it is the first time in the history of humanitarianism that individuals, groups and organisations in diaspora would stand up to support the mentally challenged people in Nigeria.

It is apposite to be informed that we commenced this programme on 13 January, 2014, when our organisation organised a ground breaking programme in Neuro-Psychiatric Specialists Hospital, Akure, Ondo state of Nigeria. In the course of this programme, we donated a substantial amount of money, foods, provisions and daily used items. We also educated the packed audience through presentation on the need to stop stigmatization and abandonment of the mentally challenged people in Nigeria. This programme was well attended by stake-holders in the mental health sector in Nigeria, and it was highly successful.

Already a number of students and humanitarian groups in UK and Canada have made a commitment to continue with this fight, the number will only continue to grow because people have realised that the factors responsible for mental illness are on the increase, and the rate of mental illness is alarming. We chose to have this conference here in website first because we simply do not have the numbers or resources yet to help make the real change.

However, we are of the opinion that after this e- conference, the resources garnered will be judiciously used to mobilise people to fight for this laudable cause After the successful hosting of this e-conference.

We will have a major catalyst of conferences in the major cities secondary schools, colleges and universities in Nigeria. This will help to sensitise the people about the destructive stigma attached to mental health and the unhelpful abandonment of the people having mental health challenges. In addition, this strategy will take our message to our law makers as that will outline the urgent need to enact Mental Health Law & Policy in Nigeria.

It is our ardent wish that you will be part of this great movement and involve in positive history by giving us the opportunity to use your time and God given wisdom.

We would like to state once again that, this is a collective effort to engage the world on the appalling state of mentally challenged in Nigeria and the need for a better mental health services in Nigeria. This is not a protest, but a conscience-concern-campaign to bring to the world the appalling state of mentally challenged people in Nigeria, the need for a better Mental Health Services, and the organised solution to address it.

You have very important role to play in this historic process.

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