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Raising money is fun

Fundraising is a great way to support better mental health and have a good time. Whether it’s running a marathon, taking on a challenge or doing a sponsored activity, there's a whole array of inspiring activities..


Fundraising collections are a common method of raising money for charity, particularly amongst volunteers. They can be particularly effective because they:

Offer a positive opportunity for the general public to participate actively in supporting fundraising organisations within their own community.

Enable supporters to raise funds for all sorts of fundraising organisations in an ethical and secure manner.

Provide an important mechanism for information exchange between fundraising organisations and their donors

There are many different forms of charitable collections you can do to help our cause:

Street collections - you can request a charity Box from us for holding a collection in the street, you may need to obtain a licence, either from your local authority, or if in greater London, the Police, all depend on your country.

Private collections - If your collection is still open to the public, but being held on private property such as within a shopping centre or rail station, you may need to obtain permission from the landowner or manager

Static collection boxes - You can request charity box from us to place in your shop or business, our boxes are secure and tamper proof. You do not need a licence to place these in a shop or business, just permission from the business owner

House-to-house collections - Licences must be obtained from the relevant local authority Police

How you make a difference

Your donations and the money you raise through fundraising is the vital link to helping those in need. One of the key ways we like to feed back to you how your contribution makes a difference is through supporter communications. Below are our recent updates.

Supporter update February 2014: Read about how our donations and initiative has transformed the Neuro-Psychiatric Specialist Hospital, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Supporter update April 2014: Read heart-felt tributes from people who have recovered their mental health thanks to your donations, and learn about Rachel Kelly's memoir, Black Rainbow, and our healing words campaign

Supporter update October 2015: Find out how your contribution is helping people and changing lives. This update also details our latest work on Schizophrenia and School Mental Health Awareness Prevention Project and Suicide Prevention in Nigeria.

You can read previous supporter updates by visiting our Archive.

Why you should fundraise for mental health

One in four of us will be affected by mental illness at some point in our lives. In the UK there are up to ten million men, women and children suffering from mental health problems at any one time let alone 64 million in Nigeria, , the impact of mental illness extends far further than the person who experiences it; experts estimate 6-10 more people are affected.

Mercy For Life Foundation improves quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness, including family, friends and carers. We achieve this by providing confidential help, expert information and practical advice. Anyone can access emotional support, free of charge, at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Mercy For Life Foundation relies on voluntary income to fund its work.

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