Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We are dedicated on long-term gains, and that means building the foundations we need to tackle the challenges of the future today.

The mentally challenged are walking naked on the streets of Nigeria, along with their children. This is unacceptable!  We are focusing our efforts in four key areas
Working to help prevent mental illness
Earlier diagnosis and intervention
Rescue and support of the mentally challenged
More personalised and effective rehabilitation
We continue to support research into all types of mental illness and across all age groups. We’re also keeping our focus on understanding why schizophrenia is so very prevalent among Africans so we can use this vital knowledge to save more lives. We’re increasing our research in key areas such as early diagnosis, and hard-to-treat illnesses such as anxiety disorders, personality disorders, premenstrual tension, postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis and sleep disorders. We want to personalise prevention, screening and treatment and bring lasting benefits to patients sooner in the process.

To help accelerate progress, we’ll be investing £1million each year into new funding schemes for our researchers. These will encourage collaboration and innovation, and support research into some of the biggest scientific challenges in mental illness.

Smoking cannabis is the biggest preventable cause of mental illness amongst young people, and we work towards the day when no one in the Africa uses drugs by protecting children and helping users of all ages to quit.

We campaign for top quality mental health services in all parts of Nigeria, give more people the chance to join the fight against mental illness and let those who suffer from it live in dignity.

However, we can’t achieve our mission alone. We rely not just on our dedicated scientists, doctors and nurses, but also the generosity of our supporters across Nigeria and the world. With your help, we can make difference sooner.



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Carry My Cross is founded to prevent the inhumane treatments of mental Health challenged in Nigeria.

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